Senses - Tempus Devorat Omnia [pre order]

Senses - Tempus Devorat Omnia [pre order] 12"

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A1 - String Theory

Senses arrives on Curvature in epic form, String Theory opening with a memorable pad melody before the track bursts into life with a stunning amen workout - edited and chopped impeccably with finely honed skills from a storied history in drum & bass. A subtly pleasant female vocal graces the track in the breakdown as a cacophony of melodies dance around in the mix, before the amens rip back to the forefront in style.

A2 - Cosmic Telemetry

Continuing a fine exploration of sounds of yesteryear, Cosmic Telemetry showcases a delicately jazzy vibe with breaks that hark back to classics such as Planetary Funk Alert, modernised with an atmospheric twist. Rolling out with a plethora of familiar samples and keys as synths elevate and rise in the backdrop, Cosmic Telemetry is an elegant pastiche for the ears and the dancefloor alike.

AA1 - Papillon

Clean old school breaks introduce Papillon, an earthy track with deep room-filling bass underpinning tight analogue drums, playfully decorated with an assortment of wavy synths, horns and flutes, plinky melodies and delicious female vocal samples in the breakdown before Senses subtly edits the breaks as a voice declares “I’m all yours” to synths pitching up and down at will to great effect. 

AA2 - Past Lives

Closing the EP on an intensely atmospheric tip, Past Lives is full of heavily reminiscent rhythms from the classic 90s atmospheric era with sharp drum samples and ethereal synthwork that transport you to a nostalgic dreamscape, seamlessly blending the past and the present with classic 808 basslines and fluid, harmonious strings that perfectly complement the dramatic, all-encompassing padwork.

Words by Chris Hayes (Spatial / Red Mist)

- Marbled Vinyl 12" with artwork sticker
- Free WAVs via emailed download link on or before the digital release date (07.06.0224). Bandcamp code is available on request

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM and if purchased will be despatched for delivery on or before Friday 14th June. Please note! Other items in your basket will also be held until this date.

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