Sam KDC - Omnia [pre order]
Sam KDC - Omnia [pre order]
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Sam KDC - Omnia [pre order] 12"

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Sam KDC continues his rekindled relationship with 170 for Omnia - 4 potent and rhythmically diverse meditations doused in mysticism and constructed with layers of meticulously hypnotic motifs. A master of mood enhancement, The Crypt Master opens the Omnia tale with Indra's Net - a serpentine winding groove wrapped around trademark brooding ambience and pinned to signifying percussion. The Shroud revives the feel Sam explored in Omen Rising, this time set to a throbbing 170-step and layers of dubbed-out textures. Metempsychosis again takes a snaking rhythm that writhes around itself peaking and diving and letting out screams of delight, while Rhea's Revenge envelops you in a warm radiant ambience before kicking off into a searing amen lash out.

- Marbled or Lava Coral 12" in Samurai Kanji sleeve and large artwork sticker
- One Free WAV with purchase, with the rest of the WAVs on or before the digital release date (01.12.2023) via emailed download link
- Bandcamp code is available on request.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM and if purchased will be despatched for delivery on or before Friday 08th December. Please note! Other items in your basket will also be held until this date.

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