Reeko - Confront The Serpent
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Reeko - Confront The Serpent 12"

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The stars aligned to bring another of our all-time favourite producers, and indeed one of the most important musical figures from the Techno sphere to the 170/85 BPM tempo when Reeko sent us a demo late last year. All four tracks perfectly create a fully formed and distinctive stylistic adaptation and were signed instantly. If we imagined what Reeko would sound like at this tempo, we couldn’t have envisioned a better reality.

These four tracks make up ‘Confront The Serpent’ - an ode to the machinations of an Ayahuasca ceremony and its resulting journey of discovery. The Serpent symbolises our shadows and the importance of facing them.

A hazy psychedelic aura floats across these tracks, binding them together, while the kicks possess the perfect frequencies you would expect from such a renowned kick-drum scientist. Percussive and ambient elements for each track create flawless contrasts and shade, while Reeko's subtle low-end work proves the deadly ingredient to send the tracks into a delicious level of hypnotism. 'Smile At Reptile' is especially notable for its deftly reworked, cascading breakbeat and inventive kick/break combo.

A potent new force has arrived at this tempo and we are honoured to be the label that presents the first fruits of this new perspective to the world.

- Marbled Vinyl 12" in 3mm Spine Sleeve with artwork sticker
- Black Paper Inners
- Free WAv's via emailed download link

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