Need For Mirrors - Ultra Violin EP

Need For Mirrors - Ultra Violin EP 12"

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When you hear the name Need For Mirrors, you know you’re about to listen to something solid. Few DJs have created such successful and varied careers as Need For Mirrors’ Joe Moses, both behind the decks and behind the desk! Joe’s pioneering attitude earned him the reputation as one of DNB's leading DJs. Having created one of London’s most influential club nights Soul In Motion with Bailey, the two expanded further to create the Soul In Motion Records and agency as well as his own label Zoltar.

Need For Mirrors’ first appearance at SUNANDBASS was as early as the 2006 edition, and here he created moments that made our common history along all these years. Then in 2019, the prolific producer just blew us away with his SUNANDBASS performance. These tunes were the starting point of this latest chapter: the Ultra Violin EP, making this venture even more special or poignant, depending on how you look at it. The energy created on Ultra Violin brings us right back to the time ‘before’ when we could safely gather together in large groups, exchange ideas, energies and be totally carefree as we experienced a shared love of this music together. From racing, emotional melodies to trancing, celestial beats, Need For Mirrors transports us right back under the duvet of Sardinia’s warm, night skies.

- Black Vinyl 140g 12" Vinyl
- Full artwork sleeve
- Paper Inners
- Free WAV's via emailed download link

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