Last Life - Recon
Last Life - Recon
Last Life - Recon
Last Life - Recon
Last Life - Recon
Last Life - Recon
Samurai Music

Last Life - Recon 3xLP

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With his first releases as Last Life for Loxy’s Cylon Recordings leaving a mark that propelled him into must-check zone with followers of stripped back, progressive DnB, Mauro Picciau has continued to advance the Last Life sound into a distinctive force.

His recent tracks for Samurai Music compilations - Decade, Samurai Hannya, and Outliers, plus his own LL Series honed the deadly step forward carved out with his debut Samurai Music EP - Nootka in 2017.

As the global pandemic hit, Mauro was secluded in his studio in Cagliari, Italy where he worked on the finishing touches for Recon, his debut LP.

The Last Life reputation is built on robust mixdowns, weighty kicks and incisive breakbeat layers. Cassius, Tunnel, Down The Mine and Omega are capsule Last Life tracks and have already found favour with selectors testing out Recon.

Tracks like RVNS, The Minimal and Escape introduce a new angle for the Last Life sound, less dance-floor designed but twisting themselves into essential set additions through sheer power.

Collaborations with Torn and Homemade Weapons add further fresh perspectives, aptly mixing their individual construction talents into a focused attack.

Recon is a confident, assured debut LP from one of Samurai Music’s most important artists, a producer who’s sound is an integral part of our labels sonic identity and will no doubt continue to be in years to come. Salute Last Life!

- 3 x 140g Marbled 12"
- Each 12" is a different colour
- Full Artwork Sleeve
- Shrink Wrapped
- Black Paper Inners
- Exclusive Artwork sticker and Samurai Music Sticker
- Free WAV's via emailed download link

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