JLM Productions - Superluminal Perspective [pre order]
JLM Productions - Superluminal Perspective [pre order]

JLM Productions - Superluminal Perspective [pre order] 12"

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A1 - Theia

Opening his Spatial account in an historic release for the label and a moniker dormant for over 25 years, JLM Productions opens the EP with Theia - a track which will take you right back to early Progression Sessions days - delicately introduced with blippy effects and hi hats, ushering in crisp metallic beats and relaxing padwork. The track develops continually with soothing melodies and amens added into the mix, resulting in a stunning and varied collage of finely tuned elements that never sound too busy to the ear - JLM Productions, welcome back!

A2 - Derealization

Changing things up while still showcasing the ability to combine a crazy level of detail into a cohesive mix, Derealization is a suspenseful, slightly moody track with JLM Productions laying down distinctive snappy breakbeats and sudden, fierce bassy hits, with tension rising from the eerie synthwork to envelop the listener throughout a track which demands repeated listens and will surely do damage on the discerning dancefloor.

AA1 - Quadrature

With a vibe reminiscent of his output in the mid-90’s Reinforced era, JLM Productions drops Quadrature which takes that inspiration and brings it right up to date for Spatial in 2023, effortlessly combining synthetic breaks with understated echoing bongos, restless wavy notes and old school melodies punctuating the immersive atmosphere of the piece. This one thoroughly deserves pride of place in the “old school brand new” club.

AA2 - Translight Velocity

Continuing the old school theme, Translight Velocity quickly shows it’s intent with inspired off-key notes before a lesson in joyous 90’s style breakbeats leaps out of the speakers - not a single head in the room will be still with this on deck! Bouncy basslines and finely crafted drums from a variety of break samples jump around chaotically, sending your mind to the dancefloors of old in a way that feels incredibly fresh today

Words by Chris Hayes

- Splatter or Coral (Edtion of 100) Vinyl 12" in Spatial Sleeve
- Black Paper Inners
- Free WAVs via an emailed download link

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