JLM Productions - Near The Ecliptic
JLM Productions - Near The Ecliptic

JLM Productions - Near The Ecliptic 12"

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A1 - The Cartographer

JLM Productions opens the EP with an inspiring, uplifting intro leading wonderfully towards an intricate old school atmospheric drum loop, laden with sprightly deep bass tones with crisp, clear hats and cymbals. Luscious, long swaying strings weave their magic on the ears as catchy keys sneak around the movements of a cartographer far from silent, to create a composition which will rightly sit atop your playlist for some time to come.

A2 - Fata Morgana

Showcasing his diversity in the genre and an immense ability to seamlessly mix old school jungle sensibilities with a modern atmospheric twist, Fata Morgana sees JLM Productions fuse a medley of swirling, enveloping atmospheric pads and a tight two-step breaks to form a collage of inspired vibes which will fit perfectly within a synthwave-style dancefloor set - or a good old throwback jungle mix.

AA1 - The Navigator

Breaks are on the agenda immediately with The Navigator, bringing forth a myriad of fluid drum samples, filtered and chopped with old school sensibilities shining through. Tense padwork builds the vibe with washes of synths before the breaks switch up, throwing in more surprises to the mix alongside a long early 90’s jungle inspired melody. We are continually treated with layers of detail and intricacies with FX as the breaks reach their final form. A real treat.

AA2 - Aleya

Closing out the EP, we see JLM Productions deftly toying with the legendary Apache break, which features heavily in the varied cluster of classic jungle breaks on display. A diverse selection of pads and keys tint the engulfing atmospheric soundscape with a quiet Sci-Fi intensity, developing and evolving towards a stunning breakdown before the breaks return, eventually exhaling towards a fittingly epic outro.

Words by Chris Hayes.

- Marble or Orbital Radiance/Splatter Split (Edtion of 100) Vinyl 12" in Spatial Sleeve
- White Paper Inners
- Free WAVs via an emailed download link. Bandcamp code is available on request.

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