Aural Imbalance - Utopian Society, Volume Two

Aural Imbalance - Utopian Society, Volume Two 12"

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Aural Imbalance manages to fuze his trademark smooth, dreamy atmospheric backdrops with weighty amen breaks creating an exceptional dancefloor-friendly rhythm for Particle Force to kick off the EP in style.

Hi-hats and pads lead in the elegant, crisp break work of Cosmic Voices driving the track along at a firm yet gentle pace with plinky strings and tones, this composition is a treat for the ears.

Hypnosis is an apt title for the next track - we open with muffled beats before a beautifully simple earworm melody enters and stays with you long after the drums and synths have played their part.

An incredible blanket of ambient atmosphere punctuates Cassiopeia’s Dream, wisping and swishing continually throughout with delicate breakbeats and valerian levels of calm.

Words by Chris Hayes (Red Mist/Spatial)

- Marbled Vinyl 12" in Spatial Sleeve
- Black Paper Inners
- Free WAVs via emailed download link

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