Aural Imbalance - Utopian Society, Volume One [TEST PRESS]

Aural Imbalance - Utopian Society, Volume One [TEST PRESS] 12"

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Crisp beats open a serene, relaxing track in Celestial Beings. Smooth synthwork fades in and the dreamy atmosphere builds and smoothly carries the listener along for a blissful ride, which Aural Imbalance fans will be well accustomed to. Washing in with a lush padwork intro, light analogue breaks creep in gradually over a deep brooding bassline, setting the tone for a delightful pad-laden journey through time and space. Smooth glorious pads & light hi hats welcome exquisite beatwork using the classic Circles break, a collage of delicate samples lightly adding to the ambient tone of the track. Another treat for the ears with Caladan Shores, Aural Imbalance conjuring serene atmospheric vibes with graceful, elegant pads and synths complemented by that classic understated 808 bassline.


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