Aural Imbalance - Retrospective Feelings [pre order]
Aural Imbalance - Retrospective Feelings [pre order]

Aural Imbalance - Retrospective Feelings [pre order] 12"

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A1 - Blue Sky

Opening with a clean, DJ-friendly Hot Pants break, Blue Sky offers the listener a subtle, warming production with inquisitive synth work creeping around a fine selection of serene effects, panning excitedly across a pristine, polished field. Utilising light orchestral strings, a soft undertone bassline and wistful twilight sounds, Aural Imbalance blends danceable breakbeats with the soothing sounds of yesteryear as fluidly as ever.

A2 - Starburst

Starburst jumps straight into a tight, energetic beat pattern constructed with old school breaks and an off-key bassline, soon joined by eerie, spectral pads to gradually build an ethereal, other-worldly vibe. The composition is elevated by a rising symphony of swirling blippy melodies, expressing a nervy and curious tone with detail and harmony before the beat recedes, allowing the melodies to shine alone in the dreamy outro.

AA1 - Frozen Tears

Aural Imbalance conjures a quietly grandiose track with Frozen Tears, driven by muffled keys and thick hi-hats in the intro before a luscious, meditative melody enters the mix. Intricate breakbeats with a suitably understated bassline accompany the fading and echoing synthetic strings, rich pads and subtle bells, producing a beautifully varied spectrum of sound, perfect for the Spatial record box.

AA2 - Moonlit Clouds

A distinctive, impeccably produced Helicopter break takes center stage with Moonlit Clouds, a deftly relaxing ambient aura floating overhead as synths and knowing melodies slowly weave their way into your psyche like shimmering fireflies seizing the moment in the dark. A low sub bassline permeates the depths to complete a collage of euphony to round off another special EP from Aural Imbalance.Words by Chris Hayes.

- Coloured or Collectors Edition (of 100)
- White Paper Inners
- Free WAVs via an emailed download link on or before digital release date (10.05.2024). Bandcamp code available on request.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM and if purchased will be despatched for delivery on or before Friday 24th May. Please note! Other items in your basket will also be held until this date.

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