ASC - Mindgames Bundle 3 [pre order]
ASC - Mindgames Bundle 3 [pre order]

ASC - Mindgames Bundle 3 [pre order] 2x12"

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Musical talisman ASC joins Mindgames for MINDGAME 5 and MINDGAME 6. Mindgames' commitment to capturing the essence of golden era Jungle while infusing it with updated production techniques perfectly complements ASC's approach. On these two EP’s, ASC bridges the expansive soundscapes of his Spatial releases and the raw dynamism of his 2020 jungle trilogy for Samurai Music.

From the heads down launchpad of Shadow Of The Beast, to the deep stepping glide of Phaaze, and onto the epic scapes of Cells Interlinked, ASC writes a sonic manifesto of his mastery of deep jungle. Snowblind is a reverent nod to Photek’s fascination with space jazz, while Flux is a floating groove that snakes itself around one of the most infectious b lines you will hear anywhere.

Seven timeless entries in the Jungle story book that that embody the spirit of the 90s while reshaping it’s framework into entrancing new forms.

- Marble or Collector's Special Edition 2x12" in Mindgames sleeve
- One free WAV with purchase and the rest on or before the digital release date (19.07.2024) via emailed download link, Bandcamp code available on request.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM and if purchased will be despatched for delivery on or before Friday 19th July. Please note! Other items in your basket will also be held until this date.


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