ASC - Isometric Projection

ASC - Isometric Projection 12"

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A1 - The Construct

Opening the EP in style with a slew of darkly FX, The Construct sets a suspenseful tone before a thorough atmospheric amen onslaught takes center stage - solid, weighted breaks are chopped and edited to the standards fans have come to expect from ASC with a morose, anxious energy to the vocal samples and synthy backdrops punctuating the track in style. A banger for the club as well as the ‘phones.

A2 - Tidal Lock

Distinctive thumping quadruple kicks thunder like a furious heartbeat as Tidal Lock mixes up the vibe and experiments with off-key tones and delivers a neurotic energy to the breaks. Rapid hats and snares accelerate the mix with deep undertone sub bass, as ASC crafts a cacophony of detail and delirium to a track that somehow fuses both calm and a tenacious ferocity in one. Unique, stylish and a joy to listen to.

AA1 - Centurion

A DJ-friendly intro opens Centurion with initially simple breaks which are soon joined with detail and a forceful finesse. Curious, inquisitive FX and melodies bristle melancholically as a stunning deep bassline seizes the attention and the atmosphere elevates. Familiar classic atmospheric signatures add to the complexity later in the track, with all layers continuing to breathe throughout.

AA2 - Nexus

ASC concludes the EP with a deep, rapidfire workout in Nexus - a track which quickly exudes a moody, tense vibe driven by a nervous vigor - inviting you to explore its immersive tapestry of quality modern atmospheric breaks. Persistent hi-hats and snares dominate the mix with vocal samples and otherworldly effects, and parallel high horn notes complement the composition perfectly.

Words by Chris Hayes 

- Marbled Vinyl 12" with artwork sticker
- Free WAVs via emailed download link. Bandcamp code is available on request

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