ASC - Hiding In Plain Sight

ASC - Hiding In Plain Sight 3x12"

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Four years on from the release of Astral Projection, ASC’s last LP for Horo, a re-listen reveals a body of work that still sounds prescient and current, mapping out a simmering landscape that stood proudly on it’s own in the crowded world of electronica.

Hiding in Plain Sight takes the musical baton left by Astral Projection and expands the environment. The two opening tracks (No Mask, A Whisper In Your Ghost) are sumptuous palette cleansers that paint the walls with bliss. As we continue on, mesmerising waves of melancholy wash over Grey Area themed constructions, sometimes jagged (No Mask, Dying Star, Centrifuge, Galaxies), other times propulsive (Dreadnought, Surface Encounters). Pensive, frozen constructions that come off as soundtracks to movies only James has seen pepper the LP (Overscan, Dying Star, Mirrored Sequence) while the centrepiece of the LP soars unbound over stuttered, sculpted breaks (Orbiting Neptune).

ASC’s great gift is his ability to create worlds of music that are densely layered and complex and yet project a sense of perfect effortlessness while they assimilate into your psyche.

Hiding In Plain Sight is not so much a journey, as a destination. A rich, full-bodied alien planet intricately designed to envelop your senses.

- Limited Edition 3x12", each plate is a different color
- Full Artwork Sleeve
- Art/Design by RQ
- 1 Free WAV with purchase, the rest of the WAVS via an emailed download link on or before the digital release date - 17.03.2023

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