ASC - Confluence Of Light [repress]
ASC - Confluence Of Light [repress]
ASC - Confluence Of Light [repress]
ASC - Confluence Of Light [repress]

ASC - Confluence Of Light [repress] 12"

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*Repressed on marbled vinyl*

A thundering take on the classic Hot Pants break leads in eerie synth work, developing a powerful haunting atmosphere. An intense driving bassline intertwines with the beats & hats, challenging the balance between the headphones and the dancefloor. A deceptively simple break expertly programmed with ASC's trademark punch is layered with dreamy 808 bass and long, swirling pads & synths, creating a luscious smooth vibe to the aptly titled Cosmic Energy. Expertly programmed yet understated breakwork punctuates Stargate with an unforgettable kick-cymbal-kick-cymbal sequence, laden with room-filling sub bass, a collage of effects and "that" whale sample used so effectively it feels fresh again in 2022. Prophecy effortlessly combines a plethora of samples and effects you'll recognise from classic atmospheric drum & bass spanning the 90's and beyond to create a true "old school brand new" vibe set to a variety pack of jungly breaks and occasional vocal hits, with a lush tonal transition towards the latter stages.

- 140g Marbled 12"
- 3mm Spine Spatial Sleeve
- Black Paper Inners
- Free WAVs via an emailed download link, Bandcamp code on request

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