ASC - Cause & Effect
ASC - Cause & Effect

ASC - Cause & Effect 12"

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A1 - Synergy

A long-awaited release for seasoned fans of the label familiar with ASC’s DJ sets since creating Spatial, Synergy has been requested for release many times and is finally here - and it hasn’t aged a bit. A track which lifts you gradually through a true journey of escalating, dynamic atmospheric soundscapes with crisp detailed break patterns that ebb and flow to an intricate collage of synths, keys and vocal hits to an inquisitive melody. A stunning piece which somehow has something new to offer each time you hear it.

A2 - Suspended Animation

Conjuring an ethereal feeling with grand atmospheric backdrops reminiscent of early Intense, Suspended Animation is a calming yet suspenseful track which slowly builds with expressive break patterns and minimal kickdrums as subtle basslines rumble below. Long echoing effects and melodies gently nudge the proceedings forward, ASC once again showcasing the diversity of his production toolset.

AA1 - Repetition

It’s been a while since a pure two-step drum loop has had this much impact - make no mistake - the breaks of Repetition will bore their way into your brain like Pulp Fiction did in the mid 90’s with a thumping kickdrum and stabbing snare tweaked to perfection. While the beats drive the track along, a collage of audio texture surrounds them with a signature female vocal sample closing out phrases filled with finely tuned synthwork.

AA2 - Pharaoh

Landing with immediate impact and building the mood with a subdued urgency, the Hot Pants breaks of Pharaoh surf the dunes of sound to an abundance of sheer atmosphere as ASC crafts a stunningly evocative track which is aptly titled, transporting the listener to mystical Egyptian sands, the synths and horns whispering like the echoes of of a bygone era demanding their timely reprise through the medium of Spatial. Epic.

Words by Chris Hayes.

- Splatter or Triple Tie Die Special Edition (of 100)
- White Paper Inners
- Free WAVs via an emailed download link. Bandcamp code available on request.

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